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Research Topics

All unpublished results shown here are Copyright © 2015–2019 Andrew Yeckel, all rights reserved

This page features my work of the past four years. Most of it has been derived by collating related entries from my developments page. Initially I organized topics into three categories: crystal growth, visualization, and numerics. I didn't like it. Everything is connected. The articles on crystal growth report what I did; the articles on visualization and numerics report how I did it. They belong together.

I have also gathered together several essays on the dismal state of scientific computing, and the flaws inherent to traditional publishing as a primary means of disseminating our research. I've put this link first because I think these essays are important and everyone should read them. So jump in and get started.

Essays on the dismal state of scientific computing and science publishing

Visualizing the Kármán vortex street

Analyzing flow topology

Streamlines, pathlines and streaklines

Submerged insulator/Rotating baffle vertical Bridgman method (SIVB/RBVB)

Computing heat flux lines

Precision contouring

Segregation in VB/RBVB growth

Computing segregation with and without diffusion in the crystal

Which color map should I use?

Unstable thermal convection in vertical Bridgman growth

Detecting temporal instability in time-dependent problems

Implicit time integration methods in Cats2D

Computing mass transport in liquids

Computing accurate pathlines

Visualizing rotation and extension in flow

Temperature gradient zone melting

A difficult issue for elliptic mesh generation

Rim coater flow regimes

Vector plot verdict: bad but not terrible

The Mondrian project