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Cats2D high resolution images

Cats2D creates high resolution images in EPS format. A wide range of styles are available for contour plots, some of which are illustrated below using the tilted lid driven cavity problem. These images have been down-sampled to 300 dpi for display here. The solution shown here was computed at Re = 5000 on a stretched mesh of 100x100 biquadratic elements.

It is worth noticing that the contours are very smooth compared to how streamlines are typically displayed by other CFD programs. This smoothness is not in any way artificial, but rather reflects (i) the high accuracy of the finite element discretization (ii) a superior integral method for computing the stream function values with high accuracy (iii) a superior contouring algorithm based on recursive subdivision of elements.

Simple black on white for print publishing:

black and white streamline contours

Simple white on black for slide presentation with a minimalist look:

white on black streamline contours

Black on white can be made more informative by using contour dashing to indicate the direction of flow circulation:

dashed black and white streamline contours

This option can also be used with white on black for slide presentations:

dashed white on black streamline contours

Color contours on white is suitable for print publishing:

Color contours on black gives a more dramatic look for slide presentation:

But I think this one looks better with an inverted color scale:

The contour on color image option, with black and white contours showing circulation, is the default:

The same option with an inverted color map looks good:

This option looks even more dramatic on a black background:

These examples represent just some of the styles that are available.