About Cats2D



General purpose software for solving stationary and time-dependent 2D and 3D-axisymmetric (swirl) problems with coupled momentum, heat and mass transport
in arbitrary geometries.

Mesh generation, solution, and post-processing integrated into single interactive program.

Galerkin-finite element method with arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian implementation for rigorous solution of moving boundary problems.

Arbitrary number of phases, phase change with volume expansion or contraction,
latent heat and segregation effects, melt growth kinetics with Gibbs--Thomson undercooling.

Free surface flows with capillarity and surfactant transport, thermo- and electro-capillarity, evaporative multiphase transport.

Magnetohydrodynamic effects, induction heating, traveling and rotating magnetic fields.

Arbitrary number of chemical species with homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction kinetics.

Automated first-order and arclength continuation in any parameter, or in any constrained relationship of multiple parameters.

Parameter sensitivity analysis, frequency response, linearized stability analysis.

Inverse problems subject to arbitrary constraints, model-based process control.