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User manual

Unfortunately the Cats2D user manual (18 Mb PDF) has badly lagged development of the code and much within it is no longer current. It is a high priority to write a new user manual. Coming soon!

Like any simulation code, Cats2D has its weaknesses. Here is a brief discussion of some of the most significant ones.

Other documentation

Here are various notes and papers on some of the more specialized aspects of the physics and numerics employed by Cats2D to solve difficult moving boundary problems in continuum transport. These writings exemplify the originality of algorithms used in Cats2D, and the emphasis on mathematical and physical rigor maintained throughout its development.

Interface boundary conditions of the Stefan problem in melt growth (1.5 Mb PDF)

Computing Gibbs-Thomson undercooling in melt kinetics (4.7 Mb PDF)

A model of solid particle motion in a liquid near an interface (< 1 Mb PDF)

On finite element representation of static pressure (12 Mb PDF)

On Newton-like block coupling algorithms (9.6 Mb PDF)

Pre-Cats2D work on tools for parameter studies in CFD (< 1 Mb PDF)

Pre-Cats2D work on parameter tracking by physical constraint (< 1 Mb PDF)

An updated benchmark of the 2D lid-driven cavity of known and high accuracy