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Cats2D command line options

Cats2D has a command line interpreter that allows the user to specify batch operation and to execute a repetitive sequence of steps on one or more solutions in a directory. The interpreter even makes it possible to queue the code to a batch system without user intervention. Just type "cats2d ?" to see a list of flags.

~/Programming/cats2d/jobs/ldc>cats2d ?
Cats2D 5.06.15 (Crystallization and Transport Simulator)
     Copyright 1992-2015 Andrew Yeckel and Ralph T. Goodwin
Valid command line flags:
-h             show this menu
-b             batch mode
-d<DirName>    set solution directory
-n<Id>         read solution Id
-m<MacroName>  run a macro
-f<N>          repeat macro N times per solution
-c<CnstrName> read a parameter constraint set
-j<JobTitle> specify a job title -r run the solver -p print equations in LaTeX -t print parameter tables in LaTeX -s<FileName> log all screen output to file -v show Cats2D version
-b, -c, -d, -f, -j, -p, -t, and -s are executed once and can be put anywhere in the list
-n can be used with first, last, and stride values, e.g. '-n1,10' or '-n1,101,10'
-m and -r can be repeated; they are executed once if given before the -n flag,
and repeated for each solution Id if given after the -n flag
Example: 'flow -n1 -r -dbase' will set the solution directory to 'base', read
solution 1, and run the solver to start the interactive session
Example: 'flow -b -msettings -n1,10 -mrefine -r -mstreamline -mtcontour -dbase'
will execute the macro 'settings' once, then repeat the following steps
for solutions 1 to 10 in directory 'base', running in batch mode:
-> read a solution
-> run macro 'refine'
-> run solver
-> run macro 'streamline'
-> run macro 'tcontour'