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Art Gallery

Everything shown here is Copyright © 2019 Andrew Yeckel, all rights reserved

Art works are for sale. I have not set any prices yet. Images can be produced in large sizes at high resolution.

Vortex street collection

These can be done in nearly any aspect ratio. I have many more images than shown here, each one a unique creation. I achieve variety by changing the size, number, placement, and coloration of ink balls that are released into the flow upstream of the cylinder.


They look good in any orientation. Turning them over changes the entire feel. Instead of shimmying upward with energy and excitement like a rocket, the object floats downward like a feather.


I can make these with different backgrounds, too.



Mondrian collection

The upper left image, inspired by an original Mondrian painting, represents the initial distribution of colored particles in a box. The other images are generated by allowing this reference image to mix for varying lengths of time when the top and bottom walls are translated in opposite directions.







Fandango collection

The classic Spanish courtship dance is performed by a pair of co-rotating Lamb-Oseen vortexes.


Sea creatures come to mind, too.


Kaleidoscope collection

These are disturbing. Also based on the Lamb-Oseen vortex pair.