Important Notice To My Colleagues

Cats2D was solely written by Andrew Yeckel and Ralph Goodwin and it belongs exclusively to us. The research group of Jeffrey Derby at the University of Minnesota is no longer allowed to use it. Derby and the university defied my legally enforceable cease and desist letter for seventeen months, forcing me to sue for its control.

Derby has also plagiarized my work in several research areas, including the traveling heater method, the particle engulfment problem, and the temperature gradient zone melting method. I urge my colleagues to view the evidence themselves, and to form their own judgements. I deserve credit for my academic scholarship. And please visit the links to my web site found below, especially the page on recent developments where I frequently add new content. Cats2D is a marvelous and powerful tool. I would like to see it used more widely in crystal growth research. -- Andrew Yeckel, 29 May 2019

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